Baptismal Certificate of Franciszka Piechocka - Courtesy of Kathleen (Coski) Lease and Richard J. Coski, grandchildren of Frances Piechocki and Michael Kluczynski


HP 140. Baptismal Record of Baltimore's Holy Rosary Church: 1887-1899. A Transcription, 2017. Database. $15.00 available on cd-rom or flash drive [978-1-887124-17-1]

This complete transcription was undertaken by volunters members of the Eastern European Interest Group of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society. They were led by Dave Powell and included: Rosemary Bonzert, Donna Carter, Oliver Clemons, Diane Gassaway, Patricia Kniffin, Kathy Lease, Jason Otremba, Andrew Rydzewski and Ron Sacker. After the record was transcribed the database was edited by Thomas L. Hollowak.

The group worked from a pdf.file of the microfilm copy of the baptismal registers at the Maryland State Archives. There are 3,116 baptisms in addition to the names of those baptised this publiction includes the full names of the parents and godparents. As well as the date of baptism the date of birth is all included and the location in Poland where the parents were from.

The transcrition was entered into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet which has been retained. When ordering please indicate if you want the database on a CD-Rom, Flash Drive or sent through Dropbox.



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